Cloud Video Surveillance

Camncloud is a Cloud Video Surveillance platform, for streaming, sharing, storing & analysing any surveillance device. We are the only platform, supporting, Analogue & IP cameras of almost any major surveillance brand.

Our real time live streaming Webcams are used in Schools, Preschools, Day-Cares, Construction Cams and many more remote camera access needs. Our Live CCTV Streaming platform supports analogue camera and IP Camera, making us a unique surveillance on cloud platform.

CCTV Streaming delivers higher transparency, building brand & trust

Our solutions bring all surveillance cameras, both analog and IP, to the cloud, enabling real-time live streaming from CCTV cams. This makes old surveillance hardware, accessible from anywhere, and improves reliability & efficency without any additional investment. You can also use cameras from multiple brands and stream them on camncloud.

CCTV Cloud Storage delivers higher reliability & better security.

Surveillance cloud storage improves the efficiency and reliability of the CCTV data. With a latency of less than 1 minute, camncloud backs up your surveillance data to the cloud in real-time. This data can be accessed anytime, even if the CCTV hardware is compromised. This significantly improves the security of your home or business.

A.I. Powered Video Analytics delivers higher business efficiency & growth

By bringing all the cameras, old or new, analog or IP we create a seamless real-time flow of data, which can deliver useful information through camncloud’s A.I. engine . Our A.I. platform is currently delivering solutions in Business Security & productivity, Security, Traffic Management, Medical & agriculture.

With the camncloud VSaaS platform, CCTV aggregation is Quick & Economical

Remote monitoring as a service is a trend on the rise. While these services are mostly focused on I.P. cameras, camncloud enables such services on analog CCTV cameras too. Our solutions bring cameras of multiple brands on a single platform, creating a reliable CCTV cloud service.

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Knowledge and Numbers

Any cam published on Camncloud is not accessible to anyone, except you. Using the Embed link, you can share the live stream on any of your websites or app. We only access the cams that you switch on. No other cams are accessed by camncloud.

Cloud storage is offered as rolling storage. which means you will have the last 1440 minutes (24 hours) storage and for the 25th hour the data will be overwritten on 1st hour. In case you use the scheduler with cloud storage and store 8 hours/day (instead of 24) the same plan will have data back up for 3 days.

Camncloud offers free cloud streaming for anyone, provided the live cam is published free for public access end-users. These cams are shared on the open public domain, and if needed, can be shared with authorities for making a safer society. Camncloud encourages people to share their road facing cams, in the free model to make a safer society. In paid models too, if any cam is added as open access cam, it not billed to the user.

Currently, Camncloud offers various analytics including Video Loss, Zone Alarm, Motion Detection & ALPR ( Automatic License Plate Recognition). We are continuously working to develop new analytics and would love to know your use case to help better.

Using Camncloud is as simple as using your email account, with very little, one-time technical configuration. The only technical hurdle, for any non-technical person, could be setting up the port opening. But you need not worry, we help you set up the same, through remote technical assistance.


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