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Building IOT and Big Data Solutions from India , for world!


We believe in disrupting the status quo to create a future, full of hope and opportunities. Our posterity deserves a safer and secure world, where the crime rate is lowest and information flow is quick. We are working towards creating such world by enabling a real time flow of information, though our cloud video surveillance platform.

The potential of the segment is immense. The present solutions lack drastically on reliability, connectivity & accessibility.
These limitations compromise the potential of the surveillance devices; so much so that usually the video data is not even monitored, losing on the potential information. At Camncloud we believe that if the surveillance devices can share the data seamlessly across platforms, store on cloud and processed, though video processing applications, it can add value to the society.
We have specific challengers in Indian market. Most of the cloud platforms are focused to develop solutions for IP cameras, ignoring the analogue cameras completely. Analogue, due to its price advantage controls a major chuck of Indian surveillance market. However analogue cameras lack the typical advances delivered by IP cameras like ease of remote access and cloud storage.

Our solution converts simple analogue camera to an IP cameras, delivering the same seamless cloud access and storage. Our cloud surveillance platform can connect CCTV installations on transportation device like cars, buses, trucks making it a unique solution among all cloud video surveillance platforms.
We foresee this to be a complete IOT (Internet of things) solution, driven by Big Data & Artificial intelligence. Yet, it’s just the beginning and we are addicted to it already.


Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT has a lot to deliver in surveillance industry. The potential of the surveillance is mostly compromised due to human component of the system. Camncloud intends to create a bridge where all image and video information can flow without any hassle from any camera, to cloud. We are already connecting analogue & IP surveillance devices to our platform.


Big Data

Limitation of any surveillance installation is underutilization of data, generated 24x7. Processing this data for information, through human resources, is impossible. While sensitive installations can have their systems there is no option for consumer market, but to compromise. Camncloud offers surveillance data analytics, on cloud, for consumer market.


Machine Learning & A.I.

We know what we intend is not easy to achieve. The huge volume of data, from consumer market, will pose a challenge on data processing like never been seen before. However at the same time it will open gates of opportunity for people who can handle it. The potential is huge and that’s what motivates us every day to make it happen.


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