March 24, 2020
Cloud Video, Data Backup, Cctv Backup
Why Cloud Video Surveillance Is Important

Surveillance is undoubtedly the demand of present time. Be it home of business the need of security is high like never before. The rising demand for the security means a lot of data is generated from multiple devices on daily basis...

March 24, 2020
Cctv Analytics, Cctv Backup
Predictive Crime Technology-Future Of Surveillance

A world free of crime, crime predictive technology, based on highly sophisticated number crunching software, does this sound like a science fiction. Well, don’t be so sure about it. If the prediction of the scientists at....

June 09, 2020
Data Protection, Chinese Product, Security
Chinese Camera Threat And Solution

Security is all about transparency and China is anything, but transparent. Hence, it’s no surprise that authorities across the globe are concerned about Chinese surveillance brands like Hikvision, Dahua and their dominan....