# Mobile as CCTV Camera

Turn Your Old Android Mobile Into IP Camera

Track, monitor and protect in cloud with app on mobile. Convert your mobile into an ip cameras, using telecam. Install Telecam App, access live feed, from any where using Camncloud App.


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Track, Monitor & Protect Camera App

Mobile CCTV Security and Monitoring APP

Telecam is a perfect solution for mobile camera based surveillance solution. With camncloud, it makes CCTV installation very easy. You can go live within 2 minutes and have remote access to your camera around the globe. Just make full use of your old android cam by making it a security cam. With upcoming real time video analytics, on telecam, it is your complete security solution.

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Free IP Camera Mobile App


Setting up a Telecam camera on Camncloud platform is easy and quick. Install Telecam on your spare android phone. Login with your Camncloud account, create a cam name and your Telecam App is ready.

Fast & optimized

Installing and configuring Telecam and Camncloud app is easy. It takes less than 2 minutes to make it up and running.

Real Time Access

You can access live feed from anywhere with low latency. Telecam works on wifi , 4G even 3G too.

Easy Integration

Telecam is supported by camncloud’s cloud video surveillance platform. You can also embed it in your website or App.

Share and Collaborate

Securely share your Telecam with your friends, family or clients. White-label enables brand promotion on the live feed.

Track GPS Location

Telecam facilitates live video feed from vehicles. With live cam feed, it can also track GPS location, in realtime.

Cloud Storage

Store the mobile camera data in real time to cloud. With unlimited cloud storage you can have data backup for months.

App Screenshots

screen shot

Telecam App is totally hassle-free and customer friendly service that requires a working mobile and internet to serve the purpose of an IP camera.