Predictive Crime Technology Future Of Surveillance

A world free of crime, crime predictive technology, based on highly sophisticated number crunching software, does this sound like a science fiction. Well, don’t be so sure about it. If the prediction of the scientists at Brandon University in Manitoba is to go by, the future of surveillance technology involves data analysis through specially designed computer application, delivering probability based productivity of crime.

The public safety regime of tomorrow, in other words, is all about data. “This is the future of policing,”

Christopher Schneider - Associate Professor of Sociology, Brandon University

Ryan Prox, of Vancouver police department, is a known name experts of “predictive policing” or as her prefers to call it “crime forecasting”. Ryan suggests that the surveillance data can also be also be used for more futuristic purposes apart from security.

For those who feel it’s a thing of future, Los Angeles and Miami have already signed on to programs designed by companies such as PredPol and Canada is slowly catching up with them. At present factors like place, time & type (of crime) are used to predict future incidents by such programs, but one thing is sure as the size of data increases , the accuracy and penetration of such applications would increase too.

The programs are not fully accurate, as they are in initial stage of development; however the results are good enough to get some of the leading police departments interested in them.

Well it sounds like minority reports or person of interest, but isn’t science fiction is the first stage of many discoveries.