Why Cloud Video Surveillance Is Important

Surveillance is undoubtedly the demand of present time. Be it home of business the need of security is high like never before. The rising demand for the security means a lot of data is generated from multiple devices on daily basis. But what does it mean for end user. It’s quite evident, with the current trends of crime that the higher number of r security devices and cameras cannot be taken as a guarantee of a safer society.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it

Albert Einstein

So what is the missing piece of this puzzle? Why with so many CCTV cameras on almost every nook and corner of our cities, we are not able to reduce the crime rate. The answer lies in the questions itself. The multiple cameras are on each corner, they are alone, they stand alone to resist the crime, which a task too huge for a standalone device.

The solution, then, is a connected platform for all devices. The devices that communicate with a central unit, can not only utilize the cloud storage, it can now have a brain behind the eyes.

The data such stored can be converted to deliver so much to society, that its potential can be hardly explained at this stage. However few early applications could be in crime fighting, cloud access and monitoring, Video Could Surveillance, CCTV Streaming and many more. In short this could be the real back bone of creating the smart cities of future.

The major role in this is of each smallest unit, the last point connectivity of the cloud surveillance platform, i.e. the CCTV camera. Each stand alone cam, connected to a CCTV aggregator platform, can make the system more reliable which help us in making a safer society. That’s the dream which Camncloud is working upon. This is the idea whose time has come and the results are going to be awesome.